What to Bring


Booking Deposit: a 10% deposit is required upon booking your charter to secure your desired date. This deposit can be paid using Venmo Business. Your deposit is fully refundable up to two weeks prior to the date of your charter. Please view our cancellation policy here.

Remaining Balance: the remaining balance of your booking price must be paid the day of your charter, prior to boarding the vessel. Guests can pay this balance in cash, or by using Venmo Business. 

(Optional) Gratuity: if a mate assisted on your charter, it is customary to leave them a 15-20% tip for their assistance throughout the day. If you choose to leave your mate a tip, it can also be paid in cash or by using Venmo Business. 100% of your tip will go directly to the mate. 


New England summers are warm on land, but the temperature can be unpredictable out on the water. We recommend dressing in layers to remain comfortable throughout the day. If you have boots or foul weather gear, feel free to bring them along as well. Due to limited dry storage space on the vessel, please do not bring more than 1 standard-sized backpack per guest. 

Food & Beverages

Days Work Charters provides cold water bottles and other assorted non-alcoholic beverages for all guests. However, we encourage you to please bring your own lunch and any other food you wish to enjoy. We can provide you with ice and cooler space to keep your items fresh throughout the day. Please note: we do not have a galley onboard, so we are unable to heat or warm any food items. 


Guests are welcome to bring and enjoy beer and wine while on charter, no hard alcohol is permitted. Please drink responsibly, if an unsafe situation arises due to alcohol consumption, the captain has the right to end your charter immediately with no refunds. For more details please review our alcohol policy here

Sea Sickness & Motion Sickness 

For guests that are prone to sea sickness/motion sickness or for unsure guests, we recommend taking an over-the-counter medication such as Dramamine or Bonine. Both of these medications and more can be found at local pharmacies and gas stations in the area, and to be most effective they should be taken at least 1  hour before your departure time.

Fishing Gear

All rods, reels, tackle, and bait will be provided by Days Work Charters. If you have a special rod that you would like to bring along, you are welcome to do so, but please note that we are not responsible for any damage or issues concerning your personal gear. 


Please remember to wear and bring sunblock along for the day of your charter, sunglasses, and hats are also a must! If you have any other questions, please contact us at daysworkcharters@gmail.com